NGINX Permission denied in error.log

Looking at the webervers error logs, i´ve found a lot of entries in one of them in an ISPConfig 3 environment:

[crit] 26595#0: *28425 open() "/var/www/site/web/" failed (13: Permission denied), client: xx.xx.xx.xx, server: host.tld, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: ""

I spent some minutes to figure it out. In my case it was a permission error on website root folder (permissions were set to 711).

A simple command “chmod 751 web” fixes my problem.

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4 thoughts on “NGINX Permission denied in error.log”

  1. Changing it to 755 is a bad idea, it would work but its not ideal for a production environment. You probably just need to chown the files in question to nginx:nginx or whichever use is running nginx while leaving the files 644.

    1. I’ve updated my post, because it happend in an ISPConfig 3 environment, where multiple vHost’s are running. I’ve checked this issue on a newer environment and it still persist.

      ISPConfig 3 Forum:
      Same Problem here:

      Although the permission error is written into error.log (with permission 711 on site root), the site is still running fine. I’ll check it deeper on next maintenance.

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