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  • No Thumbnails in Typo3 Backend

    Optimizing Image galleries for SEO, using with fl_realurl_image extension, i noticed that no image thumbnails were generated in Backend (Typo3 v4.6). Several posts describe solutions, to fix this. In my case it were simple whitespaces in realurl.conf, before and after <?php … ?> Related external Post: – No thumbnails in TYPO3? Check ImageMagick!

  • dbClientCompress Option / MySQL Connection to different Host

    Typo3 Install Tool Description: Boolean: if true, data exchange between TYPO3 and database server will be compressed. This may improve performance if (1) database serever is on the different server and (2) network connection speed to database server is 100mbps or less. CPU usage will be higher if this option is used but database operations…